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The best reasons speaking for Phonesty

Telephone conferences for 0 cents per minute

Free dial-in to the conference rooms. The participants only pay the costs for a normal fixed-line call.

Fixed-line dial-in numbers in 37 countries

From these 37 countries (almost whole Europe, USA, Australia and many more) you can dial-in at fixed-line rates into the Phonesty conference call system. For all other countries you can choose the number which is chapest for you to call and join the conference at the most affordable price.

Dial-out conferences starting at just 1 cent per minute worldwide

You can make dial-out conferences to all countries and telephone networks in the world. With Phonesty dial-out you can reach your participants in any mobile or fixed network worldwide. The Prices start at around 1 cent per minute and participant (e.g. USA, Canada, China).

Billing by the second

Every participant of a dial-out conference is billed separately and by the second.

Conference rooms available at any time

Once activated your conference room is available for you at any time. You can make a conference call whenever you want. Without reservation - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plenum mode

In plenum mode all participants except the admin are muted by default. The participants can issue or withdraw a requests-to-speak by pressing a key on their telephones. The admin can then unmute them individually. Ideal for trainings and seminars.


Every conference call can be recorded. You can download the recording as an MP3-file for documentation or to hear the conference again.

Telephone and web conference in one

Exclusive at Phonesty you can arrange telephone and web conferences in one. You can now use the most important features of a web conference such as screen-show or webphone access during your conference call. There is no more need for an additional web conference.


During the conference call you can share a visual of your PC screen with your conference participants. Perfect for presentations or for spontaneously including visuals.

Web phone-access

With the Phonesty webphone you can participate in conference calls via headset and computer with access to the internet. It's an option for both dial-in and dial-out conferences, for admins and participants. The access via webphone is entirely free, even without any dial-in fees. You can mix participants that participate via telephone and webphone.

For additional information and for further technical details please see our FAQs.