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Phonesty Services in comparison

Dial-in conferences for 0 cents per minute
Dial-in via normal fixed-line numbers
Dial-in numbers in Germany and USA
Dial-in numbers in 37 countries
Dial-out conferences from 1 cent per minute and participant
Dial-out conferences worldwide
Spontaneous availible without reservation
MP3 recording
Pre-Paid dial-out account
Post-Paid dial-out account
Conference invitation via E-Mail
Conference invitation via SMS
Conference scheduling
Conference control via telephone
Conference control via webinterface
Video with Phonesty App
Video with Webphone
Phonesty App access for Phonesty members
Phonesty App access for all participants
Webphone access for Phonesty members
Webphone access for all participants
Admin-Dial-in from one German telephone number
Admin-Dial-in from any German telephone number
Admin-Dial-in from any international telephone number
Admin authentication by caller ID
Creation of additional accounts possible
Creation of additional conference rooms per account possible
VAT refundable invoice