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Phonesty Services in comparison

Dial-in conferences for 0 cents per minute
Dial-in via normal fixed-line numbers
Dial-in numbers in Germany and USA
Dial-in numbers in 37 countries
Dial-out conferences from 1 cent per minute and participant
Dial-out conferences worldwide
Spontaneous availible without reservation
MP3 recording
Pre-Paid dial-out account
Post-Paid dial-out account
Conference invitation via E-Mail
Conference invitation via SMS
Conference scheduling
Conference control via telephone
Conference control via webinterface
Webphone access for Phonesty members
Webphone access for all participants
Screen-Show (Beta)
Video (Beta)
Admin-Dial-in from one German telephone number
Admin-Dial-in from any German telephone number
Admin-Dial-in from any international telephone number
Admin authentication by caller ID
Creation of additional accounts possible
Creation of additional conference rooms per account possible
VAT refundable invoice